Miss Cue sews: Black Cape dress

Miss Cue sews: Black Cape Dress

Miss Cue sews: Black Cape dress

 Miss Cue sews, in case you didn’t know!!! Between the end of last week and this morning approximately 4hrs of my life went into this beauty. Isn’t she lovely?  I used commercial pattern McCalls 6889 for the body and a googled link (http://www.theqeffectz.com/2016/08/how-to-make-cape-dress-pattern.html?m=1) for the pattern construction for the cape!!!! 

So, the McCalls pattern was super easy to cut and sew I even added an invisible zipper to the side seam. 

Once I visualized and saw what style lines (neck, shoulder, and about 1/4 of the arm hole) I needed to create the cape I used a high lighter to mark so I would not forget again. Pinned them down to the fabric and cut-away. The instructions from the link were easy to follow.  Even sewing was easy and clean, one I stopped getting confused with the right and wrong sides of my fabric. I did use my dean ripper a couple times. The perks of getting back into the groove of sewing.  I think the link above is an excellent guide to create a cape dress pattern if you know and understand pattern making. 

😵😵😵😵 😉😉😉😁😁😁😁

I’m obsessed and amazed at the beauty of this black cape dress. Not to mention the grand smile on my clients face once she tried it on. ✨✨(Golden sparkles falls from the sky)💫💫. 

Miss Cue Sews: Black Cape Dress

Miss Cue Sews: Black Cape Dress

Her baby shower theme is Paris, I believe this creation will have guests jaws dropping for sure. 
Miss Cue Sews: Black Cape Dress

Miss Cue Sews: Black Cape Dress

🔮Can’t wait to share my future project to come. 🔮

Remember, Thoughts become things

–Miss Cue sews


Miss Cue sews: Pink, sparkle,and glitter ✨


Pink glitter for a special girl

Miss Cue sews!!! In case you didn’t know! I finally started using my sewing talents again. So I was asked to create this pink, glitter, sparkle beauty. I was so nervous because I had not sewen a cocktail dress in years. It was my forte years ago but I stopped after some bad experiences. 

I’m so glad proud and excited to have successfully done great business with this client. She recieved her dress six days before the event. I had 3 weeks working time.  This was the only project I worked on during this time. We had a fitting once a week. 

The whole experience was great for myself and the client. She was a minor, so her mother and I handled everything. It was extremely amazing working under these circumstances. This great experience will enhance my projects from here on out. I will encourage clients to bring someone close whose opinion they value to come along during their custom garment creation journey. For my minor clients I will request that their legal guardian is present during the entire process. 

 All in all this a definitely sparked a fire under me to continue to create custom cut n sew garments as well as my skirt projects I have going on. The best part about the project was the left over pink glitter sequin residue all through-out my house…

Remember, thoughts become things.

Miss Cue

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Way back when

Wow! Can I have that body back. Crazy thing is at that age I thought I was chunky….

Little did I know I had a banging body. Thought I had a pouch, I now know what a BIG pooch is. Wouldn’t it be great if our eyes didn’t play tricks on us??? Like what we saw is really what we have going on?

It’s crazy because I never realized how petite I was. Please go find a photo over 10 years old and just remember that time in life. 

The swim suit I had on was a Wal Mart special. It was my favorite because the print was so funky cool vintage looking. Often times I wish I still had the Swim suit. 

I’m pictures with my mom and sister. My aunt sent me the photo today. This is a cool photo to show the little ones later in life. 

Self acceptance

I’ve finally accepted or am very close to officially accepting where I am appearance wise right now in life. The years after giving birth have been challenging.  Shortly after giving birth breast feeding kept me right. I didn’t even realize how small I was. Months after stopping and starting to work a 8-5 job the pounds came back plus more. I was always 120 lbs, or smaller but never over. So having these added 20lbs was such a difficult thing to accept. Like why, how, and when did this happen. I didn’t feel like I had done anything different but all of a sudden I had trouble climbing a flight of stairs, walking to the corner. 

Once I had enough I figured I’d invest in the personal trainer and really put in work to burn the fat off. Unfortunately I didn’t take it seriously and kept giving into my sweet and junk food tooth. I figured since I was burning so many calories working out I could still eat crap and some how look like Teynan Taylor (she’s been my inspiration since before the whole Kanye music video). So after working my but off for three months I no doubt gained some endurance, but I was still fat. So then I decided to change my eating. 

A co worker at the time told me about the Whole30.  It sounded easy just talking about it, I was instantly interested. My supervisor and I decided to give it a try. Sure we could eat nothing but fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and drink water. There was no beans, dairy, grains, corn, sweetners allowed, NONE.  My supervisor and I almost killed ourselves the first two weeks only eating raw fruits and vegetables. We soon realized we needed to make it more interesting and refined recipes we would normally eat just adding and substituting for things we could indulge in. 

We did it all 30 frickin days. I lost a total of 14lbs.  People around me could see it in my face, I could tell because of how loose my jeans fit. It was amazing but I was still not ready. I ate all the junk the moment I hit my 31st day and a stomach ache I had. I wouldn’t suggest anyone just indulge right after reaching a clean diet goal. 

Of course I gained every pound back plus more. Now it’s been almost two years since that whole 30 diet/cleanse. I’ve said every month since that I was starting again. I’ve found it extremely difficult to have self control and actually stick with the Whole30 for at least a week. 

I told myself sometime early this year I have until the end of 2016 to loose the weight or I will accept where I am weight wise and just try to help this gut. 

I’m not there yet unfortunately!!! I still haven’t done a single thing towards my personal health. I’ve read I’ve researched I’ve created these drastic grocery list all in my head. However when I go into the store it’s a totally different story. 

I don’t accept how I look and I need to jump spring hop into action. I need motivation….

I’ve had the most difficult time focusing and having a clear mind to creat a plan to move in the direction I would like. Currently accepting change and making way for it to come and take place and settle. 

Now that I am writing this post I realize that mayb I should remove the deadline I’ve placed on my weight control. Or should I keep it because it gives me a timeline to accomplish a goal.

Ahhhh there it goes again. I’m struggling between being a free spirit living in the moment,things happening in divine order, and me holding myself accountable and making things happen because I want them to happen….

Okay so this was supposed to be about self acceptance, truth be told I’m confused and on this journey as you can read, or see if you’ve been following my current life events. 

Thanks for reading let me know if you’ve got advice from personal experience, or if the wind whispered in your ear about me lol.  I’m so torn between the two women I want to be, structured yet free they’re complete opposite. I need clarity….. 

Less is more

About a year ago a co worker introduced a term called minimalist I instantly googled it and became obsessed with the idea. Pinterest had me convinced it should be my life: the way I would dress, live, and decorate my home. Thru my research I stumbled across The life changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo, can you say goodbye to everything? This book will help even the most simple person get rid of the excess they’re carrying in life. 

I strongly feel that riding yourself of the unnecessary excess frees up your mind, body and soul. Seriously not being responsible for extra things that don’t even bring happiness into yourself is relieving. 

When I had a rack full of clothing and couple pairs of shoes, hardly any paper my stress and worries were zero. I would come home have dinner cooking and just relax listen to the cool breeze. Even my son was happier and lighter. Just imagine coming home and you can see all that you own. The air can circulate thru your home allowing you to think clearly. 

What I’m trying to say is get rid of the unwanted, unneeded, and suffocating things in your life. Seriously take a weekend and go thru your closet, room, bathroom, kitchen and living room and remove everything that doesn’t bring happiness, and is unused. Then load it all up in some trash bags and donate it or post it on offerUp or anything these sites for one day then get it out of site. Please please please go read Marie Kono’s The life changing magic of tidying, it’s really gonna improve your quality of living. 

Why My Bona fide Theory? 

Genuine (life)style philosophy
My Bona fide Theory is a lifestyle Blog. I write about different aspects of life: motherhood, breast-feeding, creative(beings/things), politics, spiritual beliefs, food, health, travel, hair, and of course fashion and sewing skills/projects.

  Within this huge umbrella of a business/blog I have a shop.
MBFT shop just launched August 20th at KJLH Radio Beauty and Fashion Affair.  

The shops merchandise consist of 100% cotton wrap skirts. I cut and sew each skirt myself. I sell two different styles of wrap skirts. A straight wrap skirt short or long, and the most POPULAR circle wrap skirt short or long. Both styles have pockets.

Sizes range from Small to X-Large! If a size smaller or larger is needed we can definitely can make it.

The focus of this wrap skirt project is to encourage women to wear skirts again. After all it is the most healthy garment for our bodies allowing our vaginal areas to breathe. I choose to work with 100% cotton textiles because it too allows the body to breathe.

I decided to make wrap skirts because it allows a woman to feel confident and feminine no matter her size. If so happens to gain or loose a couple inches in her waist she can most definitely still rock her skirt. The wrap closure offers such variety as the waist line can increase or decrease.
This is just the beginning. More merchandise options will be added to the shop as the business/blog grows.
–Thoughts become things,

Miss Cue


Miss Cue created MBFT wrap skirts to encourage women to embrace femininty. “Dress your self in feminine beauty, wear a skirt instead of pants!”

Behold, A LADY!

–Miss Ingra


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Whew, it has been a journey however I have made it to this point.

Thanks for checking me out, it really does mean a lot.

I’m still figuring a bunch out, but I know you all do not mind taking this journey with me.

This will be my place to share my thoughts and life with you all, unsure my tone just yet.  Just know that I will try to let you feel me through the words???

Right now I’m currently in Georgia visiting with family. It is so calming down here at least that’s what my family shows me.  G-man loves it his whole attitude has changed for the better. Seriously, like tantrums are at an all time LOW. Which is absolutely amazing!!!!

These homes are amazing, and so affordable like really you can have a home live responsibly and do alright out here.  As you can read I am SOLD! Who knows maybe I will relocate sooner than later.  I can see it already my big BOY running all over some nice sized home and able to play outside and just be free. The air quality is amazing all these beautiful trees. If you haven’t travelled to GA, it is a must!!!!

I’m really considering the move there is definitely opportunity for homeownership. In California I would be purchasing a shack in Hoodville, for the price I could purchase and beautiful townhome or single family home. I am sold on the endless possibilities of living like a want with-in my means.

I also am hearing about the black business opportunities available.  I have visited a few retail business inquiring about the true facts of operating here.  Today I went and researched a possible brick and motor locations.  Right about now I just need to learn more about the infrastructure, education, laws and more.  This State is sounding more and more like the land of opportunity!

  • Have you ever thought about, or actually relocated to another state?
  • Any advice on what I should also think about and question?

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. 

Remember, Thoughts become things.–Miss Cue

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