Who is Miss Cue?


Who am I, well…

  • I’ve been creating since age 12, i think…
  • I recieved a Fashion Certificate from Los Angeles Trade Technical College in 2011, whew…
  • I believe Gold is the best color for everything especially jewlery.
  • I love all things minimal, but I have a funky soul, hence the black and white branding, but funky colored merchandise.
  • I sit in the window seat on the plane so I can check and make sure we arent falling out of the sky during turbulence.
  • I want the world to think like I do because it’s frickin Amazing inside my head!!
  • I thought I was gonna be a singer when I grew-up but better things took my interest, and lets be honest I can’t sing.
  • Last fun fact about me, If you know me, like really know me I’m sure I’m sercretely your favorite person!!!!!
  • That’s me tying the skirt on a potential customer.