Mommy Monday: Mommy&me time

Ahhh the sweet smell of your toddlers slimming cheeks against your nose.  Those soft chunky tiny fingers caressing your face and arms.. Don’t you just love it?  They do too.  Evening though they’re growing independent of us mommy’s they still crave that intimate skin to skin.  My child still throws fits and sometimes all he needs is a big soft hug and a couple kisses and it’s over we are in peace and harmony again.

As they grow just remember to always show them affection because they do still need your mommy’s touch.  It doesn’t always have to be cuddling some kids just want you to put the phone down and listen and engage in what ever there little minds is thinking of.  You can plan dates where just you two go and eat or enjoy a movie or a park visit.  I like to incorporate my child in my daily household chores to get things done, teach him, and have so quality time.  My 3 year old loves vacuuming, seasoning the food, and making smoothies, lotions and more.


G-man and I took the top off the truck and our on our way to the beach or zoo, that’s where we like to hang together.


Be creative and plan to spend intimate genuine quality time with your little one.  Time alone with them really does matter.

Now go enjoy that little one.

My Bona fide THEORY: Add intimate time with your child to your schedule, don’t be so wrapped in the ways of the world that you forget the most important qualities of parenting.


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