Mommy Mondays: Are they sleeping in your bed?


Is that little bundle of warmth still warming you at night?  When is the right time to have the little one sleeping solo?

I always had a separate bed for my child, but him sleeping in it is another story.  I do not think I have a sleeping in bed with me issue though.  I say this because I have had plenty of nights where he slept in his own youth bed.  Some nights he falls asleep with me and goes to his bed in the middle of the night, some nights he falls asleep in his bed and comes to mine in the middle of the night.  It’s so inconsistent… I know but I think baby steps towards their on bed can definitely help.


I consciously started putting him in is own bed at naptime time and constantly referring to it as the BIG BOY bed so he would be excited to sleep or nap there.  I also think the bed having its own décor helps him be more excited.  All his own bed accessories pillows stuffed animals sheets and blankets.  I didn’t want my son to be a character fanatic so I didn’t even introduce the character stuff to him.  Instead I use plain white cotton sheets and solid satin pillow cases (keeps your hair moisturized ), oh and a couple of custom quilts from his great grand mother and aunt.  He isn’t too fond of covers as far as sleeping he kicks them off so I put feet-in fleece pajamas on him. I try to make his sleeping space as personalized, him, kid friendly and comfortable as possible to encourage him to stay in his bed.

My bona-fide theory is dual sleeping spaces for the little one is cool.  When I want a little extra warm he is there, when I would like to sleep in an X, I can have him sleep in his “Big Boy Bed”.



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