Mommy Mondays-Potty training

Where do I begin???   Potty training is like one of the biggest things you teach your child.  They will take going to the bathroom with them for life literally.  It can be stressful if  you let it, so DONT. Patience is the NUMBER ONE key!!!

You have to remember this is your baby!  You are teaching a very vitale and responsible task.  Do not get upset with them.  If they pee, even  if it’s multiple times in short period of time.  There are far worst things in life then your dear ole child peeing or pooping. Clean the under-wear in the bath tub and use baking soda and ammonia in the laundry. You will have fresh new undies for the little one.


Now the task…I was advised to go straight from diapers to underwear and it worked.  I had a couple days when we used all the underwear in the drawer, and I’ve had days of constant praises because he went to the toilet every single time.  This takes time!  For some 7 days of consistent training works others a couple months of nurturing gets the job done.  Every child is different take all suggestions and use what works best for your family.

We still are not fully potty trained, night time is a totally different story.  I cannot seem to wake my sleepy self in the middle of the night to take my child. So I take responsibility for him not being trained at night. For goodness sake it’s the first time in three years that I’m finally getting to sleep all night with no interruptions. (laughing at my truth) I know I need to get it together.  I promise I will.  Up until about a month ago I was still using over night diapers.  I’ve been up sewing super late so I’ve been taking him to the bathroom and last Wednesday night was the first night he woke -up dry FINALLY!   We have also stopped drinking at a certain time and go to the potty right before his eyes roll back.

I hope this motivates you, and gives you an option to try. Now go spend quality time with the little one(s).

–Miss Cue

I love being his Mommy


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