Miss Cue Sews: White cotton knit jump-suit

Hey Ya’ll,

So I’m currently working on  a dance teams costume for an upcoming show.  I’m mixing about four different patterns to achieve the final look.  Man I’ve learned so much through-out these years like wow never would’ve imagined I could create such things.  It just takes time and patience to grow into this sewing/creative being that I’ve become since I quit my “corporate” job.  I’m truly amazed at myself, but back to what I wanted to share..

Okay so check this out…

I used a mixture of Burda pattern (6599) and McCalls pattern (M7061) for the hood and front…

The pants are the Simplicity (8268)teen/adult jogger pattern..

The straps are of course measured-out strips!!!

(EXCUSE the extreme tight booty, my dress-form does it no justice, looks way smoother on a person)

Once I get the team in the jumpsuits I’ll be sure to post an update.

What do you think? Talk to me.


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