Miss Cue sews: Pink, sparkle,and glitter ✨


Pink glitter for a special girl

Miss Cue sews!!! In case you didn’t know! I finally started using my sewing talents again. So I was asked to create this pink, glitter, sparkle beauty. I was so nervous because I had not sewen a cocktail dress in years. It was my forte years ago but I stopped after some bad experiences. 

I’m so glad proud and excited to have successfully done great business with this client. She recieved her dress six days before the event. I had 3 weeks working time.  This was the only project I worked on during this time. We had a fitting once a week. 

The whole experience was great for myself and the client. She was a minor, so her mother and I handled everything. It was extremely amazing working under these circumstances. This great experience will enhance my projects from here on out. I will encourage clients to bring someone close whose opinion they value to come along during their custom garment creation journey. For my minor clients I will request that their legal guardian is present during the entire process. 

 All in all this a definitely sparked a fire under me to continue to create custom cut n sew garments as well as my skirt projects I have going on. The best part about the project was the left over pink glitter sequin residue all through-out my house…

Remember, thoughts become things.

Miss Cue

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