Way back when

Wow! Can I have that body back. Crazy thing is at that age I thought I was chunky….

Little did I know I had a banging body. Thought I had a pouch, I now know what a BIG pooch is. Wouldn’t it be great if our eyes didn’t play tricks on us??? Like what we saw is really what we have going on?

It’s crazy because I never realized how petite I was. Please go find a photo over 10 years old and just remember that time in life. 

The swim suit I had on was a Wal Mart special. It was my favorite because the print was so funky cool vintage looking. Often times I wish I still had the Swim suit. 

I’m pictures with my mom and sister. My aunt sent me the photo today. This is a cool photo to show the little ones later in life. 


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