Why My Bona fide Theory? 

Genuine (life)style philosophy
My Bona fide Theory is a lifestyle Blog. I write about different aspects of life: motherhood, breast-feeding, creative(beings/things), politics, spiritual beliefs, food, health, travel, hair, and of course fashion and sewing skills/projects.

  Within this huge umbrella of a business/blog I have a shop.
MBFT shop just launched August 20th at KJLH Radio Beauty and Fashion Affair.  

The shops merchandise consist of 100% cotton wrap skirts. I cut and sew each skirt myself. I sell two different styles of wrap skirts. A straight wrap skirt short or long, and the most POPULAR circle wrap skirt short or long. Both styles have pockets.

Sizes range from Small to X-Large! If a size smaller or larger is needed we can definitely can make it.

The focus of this wrap skirt project is to encourage women to wear skirts again. After all it is the most healthy garment for our bodies allowing our vaginal areas to breathe. I choose to work with 100% cotton textiles because it too allows the body to breathe.

I decided to make wrap skirts because it allows a woman to feel confident and feminine no matter her size. If so happens to gain or loose a couple inches in her waist she can most definitely still rock her skirt. The wrap closure offers such variety as the waist line can increase or decrease.
This is just the beginning. More merchandise options will be added to the shop as the business/blog grows.
–Thoughts become things,

Miss Cue


Miss Cue created MBFT wrap skirts to encourage women to embrace femininty. “Dress your self in feminine beauty, wear a skirt instead of pants!”

Behold, A LADY!

–Miss Ingra


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