Less is more

About a year ago a co worker introduced a term called minimalist I instantly googled it and became obsessed with the idea. Pinterest had me convinced it should be my life: the way I would dress, live, and decorate my home. Thru my research I stumbled across The life changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo, can you say goodbye to everything? This book will help even the most simple person get rid of the excess they’re carrying in life. 

I strongly feel that riding yourself of the unnecessary excess frees up your mind, body and soul. Seriously not being responsible for extra things that don’t even bring happiness into yourself is relieving. 

When I had a rack full of clothing and couple pairs of shoes, hardly any paper my stress and worries were zero. I would come home have dinner cooking and just relax listen to the cool breeze. Even my son was happier and lighter. Just imagine coming home and you can see all that you own. The air can circulate thru your home allowing you to think clearly. 

What I’m trying to say is get rid of the unwanted, unneeded, and suffocating things in your life. Seriously take a weekend and go thru your closet, room, bathroom, kitchen and living room and remove everything that doesn’t bring happiness, and is unused. Then load it all up in some trash bags and donate it or post it on offerUp or anything these sites for one day then get it out of site. Please please please go read Marie Kono’s The life changing magic of tidying, it’s really gonna improve your quality of living. 


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