Whew, it has been a journey however I have made it to this point.

Thanks for checking me out, it really does mean a lot.

I’m still figuring a bunch out, but I know you all do not mind taking this journey with me.

This will be my place to share my thoughts and life with you all, unsure my tone just yet.  Just know that I will try to let you feel me through the words???

Right now I’m currently in Georgia visiting with family. It is so calming down here at least that’s what my family shows me.  G-man loves it his whole attitude has changed for the better. Seriously, like tantrums are at an all time LOW. Which is absolutely amazing!!!!

These homes are amazing, and so affordable like really you can have a home live responsibly and do alright out here.  As you can read I am SOLD! Who knows maybe I will relocate sooner than later.  I can see it already my big BOY running all over some nice sized home and able to play outside and just be free. The air quality is amazing all these beautiful trees. If you haven’t travelled to GA, it is a must!!!!

I’m really considering the move there is definitely opportunity for homeownership. In California I would be purchasing a shack in Hoodville, for the price I could purchase and beautiful townhome or single family home. I am sold on the endless possibilities of living like a want with-in my means.

I also am hearing about the black business opportunities available.  I have visited a few retail business inquiring about the true facts of operating here.  Today I went and researched a possible brick and motor locations.  Right about now I just need to learn more about the infrastructure, education, laws and more.  This State is sounding more and more like the land of opportunity!

  • Have you ever thought about, or actually relocated to another state?
  • Any advice on what I should also think about and question?

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. 

Remember, Thoughts become things.–Miss Cue

#mybonafidetheory #misscue


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