Miss Cue Sews: Retro Outfit

Sassy I know. This Butterick 5895 pattern by Gertie is so figure flattering.  I kept eye balling it when pattern shopping.  After looking at reviews on PatternReview.com I was sold I had to give it a try. I love the Retro high waist pant and the tie-front top. It is so flirty yet clean.

I used a light weight stretch super blue denim fabric that I found at this local fabric outlet SAS Fabric Store . I wanted a clean, sassy retro look I didn’t find any buttons that made my heart melt so I decided to try making self covered buttons.  I’m so glad I tried the self covered buttons. I bought the little kit from Joann’s super easy to get the look I wanted. I felt like a little expert while making them.  It gave my sewing confidence and extra little umph!

Now the whole experience wasn’t easy breezy the collar shoulder area was a little struggle I think I missed a mark before I unpinned the pattern from the fabric. So it was all my fault, next time I will pay extra attention and make sure I make that little circle.

My other crazy moment was the button holes, it’s been a fear of mine for a long time.  In school at LATTC we learned to use a button hole machine. It was very loud and intimidating but its was easy to use.  So one of my fears on a home sewing machine is the button hole operation. I called myself practicing on scrap fabric to learn how and when to place my fabric under the button hole foot.  So I did well on my practice but the button hole on this beautifully created top are a whole other story.  I shouted in laughter and had to send my grandma a photo (we laughed about it when I saw her in person).  The button holes are all over the place as you can see.

My Bona-fide THEORY: This pattern is four those that dare to be sassy, the back end is definitely on display in these high waist pants and the waist line may say peek-a-boo. Oh one more thing I will shorten the torso next time, and maybe take an inch out of the front rise and zero to my side-seam.


Miss Cue Sews: Little Black Dress

That’s right, I finally created a “LBD”.  My new client sent a photo of the inspiration, and I think I nailed it.  I used a mixture of patterns my imagination and pattern drafting skills to create this baby.  I can’t tell you the exact fabric, ummm it’s black and a knit found it at the Michael Levines loft.


I’m thinking about the creating process which only took me about 2.5 hours to cut and sew. Yes I know that’s quick.  The way I work is study the design and basically cut & sew it together in my head.  During this process I literally wake up from dreams of sewing the garment.  I know, its crazy I sew in my sleep. However once my sewing in my head process is complete I have a clear vision of how to construct the garment.  I can now getting in my sewing space all alone (I cannot work with people in the house) and knock it out.  I turn on some music to make me feel great and get into it.  While creating this piece I listened to this early 2000’s  YouTube Mix It reminded me of when I was a little girl when I first started sewing in Middle school.

Back to the little black dress, I haven’t made very many but this little number here will have me creating some more #memade LBD’s.

My Bona fide THEORY:  Every lady should make a LBD, oh and give my sewing in your head method a chance, it makes you think out your project and cuts back on mistakes.

Shop Small Saturday: Planning Pretty

My dear friend Camille  representing her table and flora décor business Planning Pretty on RueMag.com with her A New Years Eve bridal shower feature with another friend Blaire Benoit. You’ve got to check it out, even I have a small feature…”the tablecloth” oh yes I hemmed that baby for my friends. I know all the applauds to come.  (laughing at myself)





My Bona fide THEORY: This Rue Mag post gives such an excellent idea of celebrating on an already celebrated day, it’s short & sweet, and full of Planning Pretty Shop décor items.  If you live with-in driving distance of Long Beach you must stop by the shop and grab a customized bouquet of flowers.

Planning Pretty

  • 2742 E Broadway
  • Long Beach CA 90803
  • 562-343-7843



Miss Cue Sews: Carson Colts dance jumper

Good Saturday Morning,

I’ve been intending to share the final result of the dance costumes created earlier in January for the Carson Colts cheer & dance team.  The girls placed 4th in Hip-Hop.  I created the base jump-suit, and the coach had a airbrush artist jazz them up.  Don’t they look amazing! I’ll have to find a way to get ahold of the performance video to share.misscuesews-carsoncolts-dancejumperMy Bona fide THEORY: I challenged myself to create six consistent pieces for different shapes and I accomplished the joy on my face once I saw the final pieces felt amazing.

Mommy Monday: Mommy&me time

Ahhh the sweet smell of your toddlers slimming cheeks against your nose.  Those soft chunky tiny fingers caressing your face and arms.. Don’t you just love it?  They do too.  Evening though they’re growing independent of us mommy’s they still crave that intimate skin to skin.  My child still throws fits and sometimes all he needs is a big soft hug and a couple kisses and it’s over we are in peace and harmony again.

As they grow just remember to always show them affection because they do still need your mommy’s touch.  It doesn’t always have to be cuddling some kids just want you to put the phone down and listen and engage in what ever there little minds is thinking of.  You can plan dates where just you two go and eat or enjoy a movie or a park visit.  I like to incorporate my child in my daily household chores to get things done, teach him, and have so quality time.  My 3 year old loves vacuuming, seasoning the food, and making smoothies, lotions and more.


G-man and I took the top off the truck and our on our way to the beach or zoo, that’s where we like to hang together.


Be creative and plan to spend intimate genuine quality time with your little one.  Time alone with them really does matter.

Now go enjoy that little one.

My Bona fide THEORY: Add intimate time with your child to your schedule, don’t be so wrapped in the ways of the world that you forget the most important qualities of parenting.

Miss Cue Sews: Holiday Bliss

Hey ya’ll I’m so crazy busy, I forgot to post and share an amazing Holiday Bliss photo-shoot collaboration with Los Angeles Photographer  J’Evan Photography . Goodness where do I begin, with the photos I guess… Well here it goes.


Los Angeles based Model/Actress: Brittany Hill


Fashion/Commercial Model: Christina Wen






Working with J and his team was amazing very well organized and amazing photos to come after.  I loved the great communication J had with me leading up to our big day.  Hair by Feanna and make-up by Dollphace amazing professional women.  They came and conquered.

MyBona fide THEORY: This was my first professional photoshoot experience and I look forward to future projects with these ladies and gent.

Mommy Mondays: Are they sleeping in your bed?


Is that little bundle of warmth still warming you at night?  When is the right time to have the little one sleeping solo?

I always had a separate bed for my child, but him sleeping in it is another story.  I do not think I have a sleeping in bed with me issue though.  I say this because I have had plenty of nights where he slept in his own youth bed.  Some nights he falls asleep with me and goes to his bed in the middle of the night, some nights he falls asleep in his bed and comes to mine in the middle of the night.  It’s so inconsistent… I know but I think baby steps towards their on bed can definitely help.


I consciously started putting him in is own bed at naptime time and constantly referring to it as the BIG BOY bed so he would be excited to sleep or nap there.  I also think the bed having its own décor helps him be more excited.  All his own bed accessories pillows stuffed animals sheets and blankets.  I didn’t want my son to be a character fanatic so I didn’t even introduce the character stuff to him.  Instead I use plain white cotton sheets and solid satin pillow cases (keeps your hair moisturized ), oh and a couple of custom quilts from his great grand mother and aunt.  He isn’t too fond of covers as far as sleeping he kicks them off so I put feet-in fleece pajamas on him. I try to make his sleeping space as personalized, him, kid friendly and comfortable as possible to encourage him to stay in his bed.

My bona-fide theory is dual sleeping spaces for the little one is cool.  When I want a little extra warm he is there, when I would like to sleep in an X, I can have him sleep in his “Big Boy Bed”.


Miss Cue Sews: Metallic Moto-Jacket

BURDA 6800 Motojacket


Hey ya’ll, I was so anxious and nervous to create a me-made moto jacket.  I really wanted it to be black faux leather, but I came across this funky metallic, I think metallic moto jacket rings unique and expected of Miss. Cue, right?

I searched high and low for the perfect pattern.  It was crazy to me that no pattern companies had it exactly.  I mean isn’t the moto jacket a classic piece of American fashion.  Anyways I got my hands on a home-sewing friendly Burda 6800 Jacket pattern.  I think the sewcialist community would really enjoy this pattern.  It has a lining, belt, short and long option.  Sewcialists you must give this pattern a try.  Below are more details of the pattern, more photos down below.
Pattern Size:
I cut a size 14
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes, but better I picked an amazing textile.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes for the most part, something were confusing but luckily I kind of know construction, so I figured it out.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
All the zippers!!! I loved it, I challenged myself with the welt pockets, NO FEAR here anymore. This pattern asked for shoulder pads, I wish I didn’t add them.  I installed them improperly so I can’t remove them.  Unfortunately it would damage the entire garment. Lesson learned, pin and try-on before sewing and making a final decision.
Fabric Used:
I really don’t even know? I got 5 yards of it for $20.  It’s metallic but light weight, almost feels like suede on the opposite side.  The lining is satin and velvet sleeves, umm I wont do that again.  The sleeves ride up when I wear it all day.  I thought the velvet would keep me warm.  Next time I’ll try flannel.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I took 1″ of the length of everything, I should’ve just left it because I want that inch I keep pulling and tugging for that inch. (laughing)
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes I want to make it in black and red.
I’m glad I made this, I contemplated for months and finally just dove in and knocked it out.  I was truly afraid of this jacket because I thought it was too intricate.  I say go for it, just sew it.



Mommy Mondays-Potty training

Where do I begin???   Potty training is like one of the biggest things you teach your child.  They will take going to the bathroom with them for life literally.  It can be stressful if  you let it, so DONT. Patience is the NUMBER ONE key!!!

You have to remember this is your baby!  You are teaching a very vitale and responsible task.  Do not get upset with them.  If they pee, even  if it’s multiple times in short period of time.  There are far worst things in life then your dear ole child peeing or pooping. Clean the under-wear in the bath tub and use baking soda and ammonia in the laundry. You will have fresh new undies for the little one.


Now the task…I was advised to go straight from diapers to underwear and it worked.  I had a couple days when we used all the underwear in the drawer, and I’ve had days of constant praises because he went to the toilet every single time.  This takes time!  For some 7 days of consistent training works others a couple months of nurturing gets the job done.  Every child is different take all suggestions and use what works best for your family.

We still are not fully potty trained, night time is a totally different story.  I cannot seem to wake my sleepy self in the middle of the night to take my child. So I take responsibility for him not being trained at night. For goodness sake it’s the first time in three years that I’m finally getting to sleep all night with no interruptions. (laughing at my truth) I know I need to get it together.  I promise I will.  Up until about a month ago I was still using over night diapers.  I’ve been up sewing super late so I’ve been taking him to the bathroom and last Wednesday night was the first night he woke -up dry FINALLY!   We have also stopped drinking at a certain time and go to the potty right before his eyes roll back.

I hope this motivates you, and gives you an option to try. Now go spend quality time with the little one(s).

–Miss Cue

I love being his Mommy

Miss Cue Sews: White cotton knit jump-suit

Hey Ya’ll,

So I’m currently working on  a dance teams costume for an upcoming show.  I’m mixing about four different patterns to achieve the final look.  Man I’ve learned so much through-out these years like wow never would’ve imagined I could create such things.  It just takes time and patience to grow into this sewing/creative being that I’ve become since I quit my “corporate” job.  I’m truly amazed at myself, but back to what I wanted to share..

Okay so check this out…

I used a mixture of Burda pattern (6599) and McCalls pattern (M7061) for the hood and front…

The pants are the Simplicity (8268)teen/adult jogger pattern..

The straps are of course measured-out strips!!!

(EXCUSE the extreme tight booty, my dress-form does it no justice, looks way smoother on a person)

Once I get the team in the jumpsuits I’ll be sure to post an update.

What do you think? Talk to me.